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Spanish Complete Course for Speaking and Listening (no grammar) - 180 hours




100% Spanish conversation lessons to learn to speak easily and comfortably with excellent pronunciation in everyday or work environments. Thinking directly in Spanish, without mental translation, a spontaneous, natural, clear and coherent expression is achieved. When speaking with Spanish speakers, you will be able to understand and express yourself on any subject, in a clear and detailed manner.


In the table below you can choose the time in which you want to finish your course Intensive, Semi-Intensive or Regular, depending how many weekly hours you will dedicate to your studies. The Spanish Complete Course for Speaking and Listening includes the levels basic (A1 & A2), intermediate (B1 & B2) and advanced (C1 & C2). Total duration: 180 hours.


In how many months I finish? How many classes per week? How many hours per class? In how many months I finish? How many classes per week? How many hours per class?
 3  5  3  7.5  3  2
 5  3  3  7.5  4  1.5
 6  3  2.5  9  2  2.5
 6  5  1.5  10  3  1.5


In how many months I finish? How many classes per week? How many hours per class?
15  2  1.5
 18  1  2.5


CIMEXBRA offers 2 modalities of classes:  

a) Face-to-face Classes in Home or In-Company

We send the teacher to your address, your office or the place you indicate us. In this modality, the teacher can give classes exclusively for you, but if you want some family, friends or co-workers to join you and take classes together with you at the same hour and place, the cost will not increase.  At the same cost, for individual classes as well as for a group of up to 6 participants, you can obtain good savings if dividing it between several people.  

b) Live Online Classes

The teacher gives you the classes at the agreed timetables, fully live as if both were in a physical place. Receive your Live Online classes through our platform with 24-hour access and allowing students to interact 100% with their teachers... If someone has a question, you can raise your hand! As in a classroom!  Online classes are very comfortable since you can take classes anywhere without having to go to a certain place (either for reasons of insecurity or lack of time), neither reserved places in home or the office for to take classes.

servicios cimexbraIn any of the 2 modalities of study, you choose the days and times that are most comfortable according to your schedule (but once you choose them you will not be able to alter them later during the course). At the moment, we do not offer classes in our facilities.  


The Diploma with curricular value that we give to our students after completing an Online Live course is exactly the same as the one we give in the modality of face-to-face classes. We carefully select the audio materials that will be used at class, according to your personal goals. In addition, the teacher that we will assign you have extensive experience to make classes enjoyable and productive.




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